Symptoms of breast cancer

It is very important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer as this would enable a person to diagnose this condition in the early stage. Along with this you should also know that how your breasts normally look and feel like so that you could be aware of any abnormal transformation in your breast and would easily be able to detect it. The symptoms could be physical as well as behavioral so it is very important to examined at the best medical center in Dubai and focus any abnormality in both aspects.


New lump or mass formation:

This is the most common symptom as women is going to observe a painless hard or soft mass in both or any one breast and sometimes it could be painful too.

Swelling in breast:

Swelling is also a very common symptom and one could easily feel it by closely examining the breast appearance or shape.

Uneven skin of breast:

Sometimes skin may also seem to be uneven, scaly like an orange peel which is again not a good sign.

Abnormal nipple discharge:

Any breast discharge other than milk is going to indicate some abnormality in the breast condition, it could be of any color like yellow, green or red etc.

Nipple retraction:

In this condition the nipple is moved inward again indicating the presence of some abnormality.

Swollen lymph nodes:

In some cases the lymph nodes become swollen in nearby areas of breast like underarms which shows that the infection is now not limited to the breast area, instead it just start spreading.



It is a very common symptom in breast cancer patients and it may also effect the patients sleep cycle, due to which the patient is not going to be active in daily routine tasks and would easily get tired. All these things will ultimately lead such patient to bad mood and the last stage would be depression.

Cognitive impairment:

A breast cancer patient may also suffer from impaired memory or learning patterns.  Such patient may forget things more frequently or unable to remember or recall memories.

Mood swings:

Due to feeling of tiredness and uneasiness the patient may suffer from frequent mood swings also. And these mood swings will not let the patient enjoy all the daily activities of the life and such person is going to avoid public gatherings as well.

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