Qualities of the Best Doctors

Doctors are highly respected and trusted for their efforts and contributions to society on both personal and national levels. But what do patients want from you? What are the qualities that you can adopt to grow and improve as a doctor?

  1. Compassion and Humanity:

Being compassionate means that you have concern for your patients’ sufferings and able to identify them. Some people are born with this quality, however, everyone can develop it within themselves.

 Patients perceive doctors who show empathetic behavior as more competent and warm. They also feel welcomed to address their problems, as opposed to feeling ashamed of them.

Good doctors have the desire to help people. When you approach your career with the intention to relieve someone’s pain, it becomes easier to cope with stress and routine. You will even feel positive and satisfied at the end of your day. Your goal should be to ‘treat the patient, not the disease’. Doctors cannot separate feelings of humanity from their professions.

  • Optimism

Optimistic people have better health outcomes. Their state of mind and willingness to recover actually results in quicker recovery and major health benefits. Good doctors try to instill this quality in their patients as well, and they can only do so if they are themselves optimistic about the situation.

  • Honesty

Doctors often hide the full truth from their patients to not upset them or cause them to lose hope. However, it is better to deliver accurate information but with empathy and understanding. Even when prognosis is bad, be supportive yet still clear in your speech.

  • Commitment

Being a doctor means living a stressful and hard-working life. This may drain your energy and create a negative association with your workplace and patients.

Being committed to your profession, looking forward to helping people, and being conscious of self-improvement will help you through your tough time. Attaching meaning and direction to your work will keep you motivated.

  • Courage

Patients trust doctors as their caregivers. It’s important that doctors prioritize their patients’ health and make decisions in their interests.  They need to have strong moral ethics and the courage to act upon them despite barriers. Good doctors should try to develop moral courage within themselves since they’ll be met with many situations where they need to raise their voices for the sake of their patients.

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