Important components of a POS system

POS is an abbreviation for Point Of Sale, it is basically a software or system which is installed in your organization to handle the payment procedures. Well if we talk about a superstore or clothing brand then you may have observed that you have to cater yourself by picking up your desirable things and placing them in your basket or trolley. There may be some workers appointed to assist you about the location or availability of products but the rest of the mission has to be accomplished by yourself. Then in the end all your shopping had to go through a billing process where the prices of all your bought products have to be calculated. Now for this purpose the organization will definitely need a skillful employee and a well developed POS system to make sure that everything is done accurately and smoothly without consuming any excessive time.

If we talk about the best POS system in Dubai, then Vend POS is gravitating on the top because of its latest features and convenient usage. In this article we will discuss about the important components of a POS system so that you would get some relevant information regarding this topic.

Display screen

The first important part of a POS system is the display screen or monitor which will display all the calculations and inventory information relevant to your scanned product. Usually two displays are present in an advanced POS system, a larger one for the operator and the smaller one for the customer where he or she could verify their accurate paying amount.

Cash drawer

Another valuable component of a POS system is cash drawer. As the name indicates it serves as storage component for all your money whether it is in form of notes or coins. It possess separate compartments within it to place different notes separately. This will save a lot of your time as you don’t have to fetch the correct note in the bulk of money while returning the change to your customer.

Receipt printer

While preparing the bill, receipt plays a very important role as it is a kind of proof for the customer that how much money he had paid. Secondly it is also very important if the customer wants to return or exchange anything from the same store. For this purpose POS system possess a receipt printer which will quickly print a detailed receipt for their customers.