How long do window tints last?

In window films, high quality and lower quality films are produced which are targeted at doing the same thing, but will not do it long. When properly mounted and cared for, high-quality window dyes will last a lifetime. We analyze 5 types of window colors to help you discern high and low-quality film and how the paint is done. Find out more about vehicle graphics Dubai services from leading car tint Dubai brands online.

Lower quality tints

The lower quality film will shield you and your windows from the damaging glare of the sun, but it is vulnerable to fade and may need substitute even more often. These dyes will start to fade or raise after installation for one year. You can choose from a cheap, short-term dye solution when you are looking for:

  • Dyed Window Tint

Dyed window tint is one of the cheapest tints on the market at the moment. The tint will add color and shield your windows against harmful sunlight. Dyed window film looks different at different windows-from outside of your house it might appear invisible and when added to a vehicle’s windows it might seem negro-like. On the downside of the screen, the torn window film does not take the time test, as it fades away and your UV safety cannot survive this test.

  • Window Film Metalized

Metal films are like a sealed window film so they can bring color to the windows and reduce the amount of heat that the windows consume. The thin particles that reinforce your windows make them shatter-resistant are stronger than torn film. Though better than torn glass, the radio, GPS, and mobile phone network can be constrained by a metallic window film.

High-quality films

The high quality film invests in the fitness, protection, and durability of your house and the interior of your car. Higher-quality film guards against the UV and infrared rays also as a defensive fan film. This is also true. If properly mounted and cared for, high-quality films will survive for 30 years and even life. Including:


Ceramic window film is one of the longest-lasting films and is a major investment. It eliminates heat and protects while being crystal clear. The ceramic film offers up to 90% infrared protection and is 99% effective to protect UV blocking rays. The advantages of the ceramic films are limitless.


If a matte, non-reflective or black finish is what you are looking for, a carbon window film is yours. The film will block up to 40% sun, meaning that the house or car is cooler. Unlike films of lesser quality, this tint will not diminish until mounted, saving you more cash, so your film will no longer have to be replaced.

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