Different genres of flash mobs

Flash mobs are one of the best multi event entertainers Dubai whom you can never go wrong with. They are one of the most exciting pieces of entertainment to bring to a party to light up the mood then whether it is a simple corporate event or marriage proposal, they will bring in the charm along with them. Dubai flash mob comes in many different styles and genres and it is important you know about them before you start to hire them.

  • 90s dance

This is one of those flash mobs who can very easily disguise in the crowd and make it look like nothing until their dance sequence plays on the speakers and it is time for them to shine. They bring a different kind of fun to boring events and it comes as a complete surprise to find the local people in the crowd to turn out to be flash mobs. Something which will surely be eye catching and worth recording too.

  • Dance crazy

This is the kind of flash mob where you are entertained with all different kinds of dance numbers and iconic dances of all time which will surely get people into groove and dancing along. Dance crazy flash mob focuses more on reminiscing the previous hits rather than bringing a funky dance to the centre stage which also makes it one of the best picks for a corporate event or something equally sane.

  • Thriller or dramatic

This genre speaks for itself. If you are looking for something which will add and an extra layer of fun and entertainment to your birthday parties, or Halloween party or any such party then you have to opt for this genre. This kind of flash mob will amaze everyone with their dramatic performance and surely gain a lot of applause for their thriller entrance.

  • Custom performance

Obviously you can always aim for custom performance where basic instructions for the kind of entertainment needed is provided and they come up with exactly what has been expected of them and add colours to the event.

Flash mobs are something very exciting to hire which is why we would highly recommend you to do so as some fun and entertainment has never hurt anyone. They practice a lot and make sure their performances are up to the mark so don’t hesitate in sending a good tip.