6 Cons of Vaping

Although vaping is considered much safer than smoking cigarettes there are still few cons of vaping e-cigarettes. The few facts and cons of vaping e-cigarettes are given below:

  1. Dry Mouth:
    It is a common fact that e-cigarettes and pods have nicotine. The nicotine in e-cigarettes releases fluids inside the mouth due to which you feel your mouth dry after consuming e-juices. Therefore, always remember to keep a bottle of water beside you to resolve the problem of dry mouth.
  2. Dizziness:
    You may feel dizzy after consuming a high amount of e-juices and nicotine. You may even experience vertigo and feel light-headed after consumption. Take deep breaths if you may feel dizzy, vertigo or light-headed. Take a break from the consumption of e-juices and nicotine. You may continue once you feel better.
  3. Allergies:
    There are so many different flavors in e-juices which is one of the reasons why e-cigarettes are becoming so popular. Many of those flavors are of different and unique foods and fruits. The aerosol of e-juice has the product of that food or fruit. You may want to avoid such e-juice flavors which you are allergic to. For instance, if you are allergic to peanuts than avoid peanut flavor e-juice because peanut products will be in the aerosol. You can buy other flavors of e-juice which you like from hundreds of different options
  4. Neurotoxins:
    Though Royal College of Physicians says that vaping is considered safer than smoking but e-cigarettes have the number of neurotoxins as they are in cigarettes. E-cigarettes and cigarettes have chemicals such as formaldehyde, nitrosamines, lead, and several carcinogens. Therefore, trading cigarettes for e-cigarettes or vaping is just to have another set of problems to deal with.
  5. Battery issues:
    It is a given fact that e-cigarettes and pods have batteries in them and you have to charge it again to use more than once in a day. Therefore, a person has to be very careful when recharging them because the device can burst due to over-charging. Moreover, you also have to be careful when using the device because the device may get over-heated for using it for a long time.
  6. Cost:
    There are places, markets, or shops that sell pods and e-cigarettes for $15 or even less than $15 excluding the price of e-juices. You have to buy the e-juices separately. You need about $30 or above to purchase a pod or e-cigarette. Vaping is much more expensive than smoking round the world.

Although it is getting common to stand go myle pods dubai every other day and keeping vape tool kit, there are many of disadvantages of vaping. Therefore, it is better not to vape too much.

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